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            Pittsburgh's High Octane Rock Band!!!

      Built For Speed brings the best of classic rock, country, and rockabilly style music to the Pittsburgh and surrounding area stages with their high energy, upbeat, and "gas pedal to the floor" shows. The band has gained quite a good reputation of being a fun, tight sounding, and professional band that people enjoy! It has also garnered a good following despite the band having only been in existence for just over two years!  They cover over 60 years of songs done with a modern twist and have original material as well!  As put by a fan after a show, "There are new songs, old songs, Rock, Country... a little something for everyone. Anyone can come to a Built For Speed show and have a great time."

Band members, Jason Pinkney, Terry Potts, and Roger Vonada all have many years of experience playing music and the three of them have played together for years in varus projects.  Perfect for clubs, bars, festivals, private events, and car cruises, Built For Speed fits any venue's wants and needs for that day's live entertainment!  

You can visit the Built For Speed Facebook page right here!


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